Cara De Niño

Track List

1. Solo Tu

2. Que Hay De Malo

3. Cara De Niño

4. No Hieras Mi Vida

5. Dia Y Noche Pienso En Ti

6. En Las Nubes

7. No Me Puedes Dejar Asi

8. Deseo Loco

9. Para Ti

10. Por Tenerte

This is album is one of his best from the beginning years of his career as a salsa artist. Jerry Rivera who is renowned for is unique style called salsa romantica takes his talent to the limit and showcases a timeless album that can be easily deemed by any salsa connoisseur as one of the classic salsa albums produced in the 90s. I have gone several years without listening to this album and having listened to it again recently I was inspired to write this review. This salsa is upbeat, rhythmic, danceable and truly representative of Jerry Rivera. It really sounds great especially since Jerry has changed genres since 2001 and is now producing ballads primarily. If you want to stroll down memory lane or simply listen to authentic salsa of this genre, strongly consider purchasing this album. I assure you will enjoy every inch of it!