Cuenta Conmigo is the album that got me hooked on Salsa music. It also got me hooked to Jerry and his music. You can feel his passion as he sings and you can definitely tell that this Salsero is for real. He does not dissapoint with this album. Being his sophmore release, “Cuenta Conmigo” was the album that made Jerry Rivera a salsa-loving family, a household name. The hit track, “Casi un Hechizo,” is the song that most are familiar with because of the great lyrics and the arrangement of the music. Also, it was the first salsa song I dedicated to my baby! Point is, Jerry jams on this album and he set the mark with this album for me and for a lot of other salsa fans to look out for him because he CAN deliver great salsa music. The three songs that are most notable to me are “Casi un Hechizo,” “Cuenta Conmigo,” and “Me Estoy Enamorando” But like every other Jerry project, all the songs jam and sure enough this is a must have!